What is Reiki? Every human being has their own energy field. With practice, there are some of us who can feel the energy within the body with our hands. Sometimes, due to trauma and stress, energy blockages can form within the body which can manifest into physical pain. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique used for energy healing, stress relief, deep relaxation and promotes overall health and well being. Reiki can promote healing of all things mind, body, and spirit.

Signature Massage – Massage has a long list of benefits for our body! Improved circulation, more flexibility, better sleep, depression and anxiety relief and stress reduction to name a few! Often times when we feel tense or tight, we need to give our bodies designated time to fully relax. When you allow yourself to relax those tight muscles, with a helping hand or two, can release on their own! My signature massage service is a customized bodywork session with my unique combination of Swedish and deep tissue techniques to give you maximum relaxation and therapeutic relief!

Hot Stone Massage – If you would like to add something special to your massage service, try a hot stone massage! I use heated volcanic basalt stones to help further loosen up muscles in the body. In addition to the benefits of massage, the stones add the healing properties of heat. Heat can relieve soreness, increase blood flow, and sooth body stiffness. They also feel AMAZING!

Sound Healing – This world is very over stimulating. How do you make time to be present? Yoga? Meditation? My go to is a Sound Bath!
What is a Sound Bath? Using instruments that radiate vibration, such as crystal singing bowls, your brain waves are able to slow down and to go from our active beta state to our relaxed (alpha) or dream (theta) state.
Similar to massage, this can decrease stress, lower blood pressure, aid your immune system, and reduce anxiety and depression. It has also been known to improve memory and focus.
All you are required to do is lay down and let yourself go. Every sound bath can produce a different experience. Some fall asleep. Some have emotional breakthroughs. Some have out of body experiences. The possibilities are endless.
No matter the outcome, this is a designated time for you to practice just listening. To dive deeper into your thoughts and feelings without external stimuli.
I am looking forward to growing this new practice and making each sound bath a blissful experience to aid in everyone’s personal healing journey.

Cupping Add-On – Remember seeing all those Olympic athletes with circular bruises all over their bodies? That’s from Cupping! Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing modality that can improve circulation, relieve physical tension, reduce inflammation, and of course aid in relaxation! By applying suction cups to the body, we are able to pull toxins that are deep within to the surface and, in combination with massage and lots of water, we can help those toxins exit the body.

CBD Massage Oil Add-On *COMING SOON* – Cannabidiol, or CBD, is widely gaining popularity in the alternative medicine world. CBD is just 1 of 104 chemical compounds found in the Cannabis plant. CBD IS NOT PSYCHOACTIVE AND DOES NOT GIVE YOU A HIGH. If you suffer from chronic pain like Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, or nerve pain, CBD could provide some relief. Also if you struggle with insomnia, depression or anxiety, CBD may be a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.